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Friday, February 14, 2014

Why Oakland’s NFL Cheerleaders are Suing the Raiders

Apparently, the Oakland Raiders’ owner probably doesn’t believe that the comprehensive California labor laws also apply to its cheerleaders.

Recent reports have it that California’s Oakland Raiders is now being sued by its cheerleaders, the Raiderettes, for wage and hour claims.

Image gives credit to Brian Bahr / Getty Images.
According to media sources, the lawsuit was prompted by one cheerleader known as Lacy T.

Lacy T. claimed that she and her fellow cheerleaders only received $1,250 for the whole season or $125 per game, or less than $5 an hour.

So far, California’s minimum wage per hour is $8. Thus, the cheerleaders are getting less than the current legal minimum wage per hour and worst is that they would not be getting paid until the end of the season, and only for game appearances and nothing else.

Allegedly, under the cheerleader’s contract of agreement, the women are required to pay for lots of expenses such as their hairstyling, make-up and all costs for traveling to all kinds of events including photo shoots. Also, they were deprived of rest and meal breaks according to reports.   

The cheerleader’s labor lawyer has deemed it as a clear violation of a California employment law, which requires an employer to pay for or indemnify for anything that an employee expends.

Meanwhile, Lacy T. and her employment lawyer are hoping that the lawsuit will be endorsed as a class action suit. They hope that other Raiderettes members would join them in seeking restitution from the team.

The Raiders’ on the other hand is not yet giving its comment on the matter.

For all we know, football is considered as a lucrative sport. In fact, based on a recent statistic showing the annual revenue of major sports leagues, NFL has the highest revenue which amounts to $9.5 billion. Thus, there is no obvious reason why the league’s cheerleaders should be deprived of the compensation and benefits they deserve.

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