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Friday, March 21, 2014

McDonald’s Faces New Employment Raps

A few weeks after McDonald’s Restaurant of California Inc., has agreed to settle a religious discrimination lawsuit, McDonald’s Corp. is now facing another employment case filed by its workers.

According to recent news reports, McDonald’s and several of its franchisees have been slapped with multiple class action lawsuit filed by its employees.

Under the said lawsuit, the workers have claimed that the fast food-giant is systematically stealing their wages.

They have likewise claimed that the restaurant is making the employees work off the clock, cutting hours off their time cards, and not paying them with overtime.

Image gives credit to Imaginechina / Corbis.
The lawsuits were filed by several workers in California, Michigan and New York.

Meanwhile, in a statement released by McDonald’s Vice President of Global External Communications, Heidi Barker Sa, she affirmed:

"McDonald's and our independent owner-operators share a concern and commitment to the well-being and fair treatment of all people who work in McDonald's restaurants. We are currently reviewing the allegations in the lawsuits. McDonald's and our independent franchisees are committed to undertaking a comprehensive investigation of the allegations and will take any necessary actions as they apply to our respective organizations."

So far, this is the most recent string of action made by the fast food restaurant’s employees to call for a better pay and benefits.

It could be remembered that late last year, hundreds of McDonald’s workers had previously staged their nation-wide protests, demanding for a $15.25 monthly federal minimum wage.

However, McDonald’s on the other hand remains firm with its stance that it is already providing advancement opportunities, competitive pay and benefits to its workers.

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