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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

John Travolta Sexual Harassment Lawsuit to Head in Court

In an attempt to prevent a hearing on the sexual harassment lawsuit filed against the legendary singer-actor John Travolta, his legal team previously raised an argument for arbitration.

Unfortunately, a California federal judge dismissed the argument from Travolta’s party claiming that the actor’s ticket for the 2009 Royal Caribbean cruise liner included an agreement to settle all disputes between a passenger and the company, according to reports.

It could be remembered that last year had been rough for Travolta after he was tagged with sexual harassment lawsuits including this most recent lawsuit filed by Fabian Zanzi, a masseur for the Chilean cruise ship, the Royal Caribbean.

In his lawsuit, Zanzi claimed that the actor exposed his erect sexual organ and forcibly embraced him after asking for a neck massage. Also, the masseur claimed in his lawsuit that Travolta even tried to offer him $12,000.00 for his silence.

Subsequently, on last Friday’s ruling, the judge affirmed that there is no evidence proving that the Zanzi is bound to by the arbitration agreement between Travolta and the Royal Caribbean.

Consequently, the lawsuit is set to move forward to public trial unless a settlement agreement is reached.

Incidentally, settlement agreement is common in similar cases wherein big names are involved or if one of the party involved is wants to avoid a public trial.

Unfortunately for Travolta’s party, after the judge shut down the arbitration argument, it expects that the price on a potential settlement would be driven up high as speculated by a Los Angeles employment lawyer.

Meanwhile, reports further claimed that Travolta’s legal team believes that the case is baseless and without merit. In fact, the team is confident that the actor-singer will eventually be acquitted in court.

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