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Friday, June 21, 2013

Wendy's Fires Employee behind Frosty-guzzling Viral Photo

“NEWS FLASH: Stop doing gross stuff to the food! If you are not physically incapable of not licking stuff and eating food and sticking who knows what where, then first of all, c’mon, bro. C’mon and second, don’t take pictures of it!”

Following the series of disturbing photos of fast food employees that went viral in the past few days, news flashes everywhere are calling for fast food employees to stop doing disgusting things to foods, or if they can’t stop their shameful act, at least stop taking pictures of it and then posting it online.

The call came in light after a photo of a Wendy’s employee, who was guzzling frosty directly from the frosty machine, went viral. Unfortunately for him, his misconduct has left him jobless.

The photo emerged on Reddit, the same social media site where photo of a receipt of an Applebee diner with a note, bragging about automated tip went viral. According to media sources, the photo went viral after a Reddit user posted the photo and wrote, “I was going to buy a frosty from Wendys until I saw the employee do this.”

As a prompt response to the alarming photo, Wendy’s subsequently took Twitter and wrote: “Unacceptable. The person in this photo is no longer at this Wendy's. We will be reinforcing proper procedures."

This is actually just one of the strings of incidents involving fast food employees doing such gross stuffs on foods that they cater. Just more than a week ago, a Taco Bell employee got on the spot light after photos of him licking a stack of taco shells surfaced. Just the same, the Taco Bell employee was fired together with his co-worker who took the photo.

In an at-will employment state like California, employers can terminate employees with or without a cause, provided that the termination is not based on discrimination. As for the fired fast food employees, they were apparently terminated for violating company policy. Thus, no wrongful terminations were done, deemed by several Los Angeles employment lawyers. 

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