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Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day is for Workers, Not for Unions!

Generally, Labor Day is being celebrated each year to honor workers, not union leaders. However, these modern days, union leaders seem to take the center stage during Labor Day to show that they “stand with workers” while workers are left at the backstage. This is despite the fact that majority of private-sector workers has opted not to stand with a union.

Workers probably have to come to realize that unions nowadays are no longer the unions that they used to stand with before. Seemingly, union leaders today rather focus on political activism than protecting workers’ rights.

In fact, during the recent election cycle, the National Institute for Labor Relations Research (NILRR) last week found out that union leaders spent a staggering $1.7 billion on politicking and lobbying. This is because they likewise dig an immense amount of clout from than in return.

Unfortunately for non-union workers, in states wherein there is no “Right to Work” laws, they can be fired for not paying union dues. In addition, millions of them have no choice but to accept union bargaining over wages and working conditions, even if they want nothing.

Recent polls show that the American people and even some union members themselves overtly oppose compulsory union dues and affiliation since they are quite aware that union funds are now often misused into extravagance, abuse and corruption.

Therefore, instead of resorting to unions, workers chose to seek assistance from a labor lawyer and other government labor agencies to help them stand up for their rights against union leaders, intimidation and even harassment in the employment industry.

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