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Friday, February 7, 2014

Nicollette Sheridan’s Wrongful Termination Lawsuit Gets New Trial

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A few months after a California Superior Court judge tossed Nicollette Sheridan’s wrongful termination lawsuit, the former Desperate Housewives’ star’s case is now set to get a new trial.

Late last month, the presiding judge had reversed his previous decision. Thus Sheridan can again push her allegations that she was wrongfully terminated from the Desperate Housewives casts due to invalid reason.

It could be remembered that Sheridan first filed a wrongful termination lawsuit along with battery and other charges including sexual harassment and assault against the Desperate Housewives creator, Marc Cherry and the ABC Touchstone television in April 2010.

In her lawsuit, Sheridan claimed that Cherry hit her head during an argument while on set of ABC’s hit series, Desperate Housewives, in 2008. She alleged that when she lodged her complaint to the superiors at the network, she was subsequently fired by killing off her character from the TV series.

During a testimony, Cherry admitted to tapping the actress’ head but to no other intention than to demonstrate the comedic vibe he wanted for a scene.

In March, 2012, a jury dead-locked the said lawsuit with 8-4 vote.

In August, 2012, a Los Angeles Superior Court Judge further declared that she was not wrongfully terminated; rather, the network simply opted not to renew her contract.

Nevertheless, Sheridan never loses hope. She subsequently appealed the case to the California Supreme court. Unfortunately for her, the higher court eventually rejected her appeal in October 2013. The judge determined that she should have filed her claims before a labor commissioner before pursuing a trial in the higher court.

However, the judge recently overturned his decision without giving any explanation.

Thus, reports have it that Touchstone would appeal the judge’s recent ruling in order to prevent the new trial scheduled in April.

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