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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Guidelines for a Healthy and Safe Working Environment

The health and safety of workers should always be considered first. Employers must ensure that their employees are in a healthy condition and safe workplace during working hours. Employees are also expected to follow few simple guidelines to help their employer achieve a healthy and safe working environment.

Regulations for a healthy and safe environment are created to avoid employees from sustaining personal injuries and other health threats from work.

Below are some health and safety guidelines that both employers and employees should strictly observe in a work place:

•    Wear protective mask, gears and safety glasses and other protective equipment during working hours, most specially when in a dangerous work site. Take note that personal protective equipment should be provided by employers free of charge.

•    It is the duty and obligation of an employee suffering from illness, sustained personal injuries, during working hours or discovered that she’s pregnant or going through a medication to immediately inform the employer. Employers must be aware of the employee’s condition immediately to give way on how the employee can carry out his or her job.  

•    Employees operating machineries or driving should avoid wearing jewelry during working hours and if an employee has long hair, he is required to tie his hair properly to avoid the risk of getting them stuck into machineries.

•    Employees are also responsible for taking reasonable precautions not to put other people at risk by actions they commit or fail to commit during their work.

•    Apart from the preventive measures, employers are also required to conduct a special training for employees about the correct use of safety equipments and other health and safety trainings.

•    The most important part here is that, employers and employees should coordinate with each other in ensuring a healthy and safe working environment.

Employers are the first to be held liable in case of accidents and health threats during working hours. Therefore, employers are expected to implement strict workplace health and safety regulations which the employees should religiously obey.

In the event that the employer fails to follow these few simple guidelines for the health and safety, employees can try to discuss it with the supervisor, manager or the employer first and if they fail to accommodate your concerns, then maybe it’s time for you to consult to an employment lawyer near you to hear all your concerns.

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