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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Brief Overview of Workers Compensation Benefits

To understand workers compensation or simply worker’s comp and its benefits, let’s define it first in a simple manner. Workers compensation is a form of insurance that provides salary replacement and medical benefits for injured workers in the workplace.

It is important to know your workers compensation benefits so that employers will not take advantage of their employees.

Below are the three primary components to workers’ compensation benefits workers that you should know:

Medical Expenses – particularly hospital bills, medical treatment and more. Several programs allow the injured worker to choose a medical provider they want. However, in some states, it was the employer or the employer’s insurance company that provides their own exclusive medical provider and in which limits an employee to seek for medical attention from other medical provider of their choice.

Disability Claim – it could either be temporary or permanent depending on the employees’ condition whether employees are able to get back to normal or will permanently get disabled. The disability claim also varies, but it can be as high as half of your normal pay or could also be two – thirds.

Vocational Rehabilitation – once workers get injured and injuries makes him / her incapable to do the usual duties of the occupation, workers may be entitled for a re – training to give them a chance to enter into a new occupation or business. Physical therapy may also be needed to gain back the workers usual strength.

If an employer’s conduct was rude, guilty of violation of labor laws and other workplace- related injury, they could be sanctioned. Workers compensation benefit requires strict liability without asking question into fault.

It might not be nice to know, but the real truth is that most employers today take advantage of their employees’ lack of knowledge regarding the above – said facts upon workers’ hard working and perseverance. Therefore, the federal government is advertising campaigns to workers to have knowledge on this.

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