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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Judge Tentatively Backs NASA Lab in Wrongful Termination Lawsuit

Recent reports claimed that a Los Angeles County judge has temporarily favored NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in a wrongful termination lawsuit filed by its former computer specialist who claimed that he was fired for promoting the theory of intelligent design.

Accordingly, during the recent trial, Superior Court Judge Ernest M. Hiroshige said that he tends to agree with JPL that David Coppedge was terminated due to his outdated skills and attitude. Subsequently, the judge also ordered the defense to formulate a proposed judgment within 30 days upon his ruling.

On the other hand, Coppedge’s party refused to give comments regarding the matter, according to news reports.

Incidentally, Coppedge’s lawsuit was closely followed by intelligent design adherents, who likewise believe that life is too complex to have rooted from evolution and recognizing themselves from creationists by not linking their beliefs particularly to the Bible.

Apparently, Coppedge also maintained a website dedicated to intelligent design and a board member of Illustra Media, a company that produces DVDs promoting the said theory.

Unfortunately, even in his job, Coppedge promoted his beliefs by trying to get his co-workers to watch the above-said DVDs until he was told by a supervisor to stop pushing his religion in the workplace.

Moreover, aside from allegedly making his co-workers uneasy over his hot button topics, there was also one time when he sparred with a co-worker over their opposite beliefs.

Consequently, JPL claimed that although Coppedge was demoted from his position, his salary did not change until he filed for a lawsuit in 2010.

Incidentally, he was included in the massive job cuts the following year since he failed to update his computer skills and to develop a reputation for being willing to listen. Also, he always did things his own way, according to the defense.

Moreover, in the company’s defense during a closing argument, it affirmed that Coppedge’s religion and intelligent design belief have nothing to do with his termination, but instead due to his own stubbornness.

Apparently, this lengthy trial is close to reach finality. Therefore, aside from the intelligent design advocates, a California wrongful termination lawyer is likewise closely observing the progress of the case to determine how the presiding judge will decide on quite a sensitive matter.

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