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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hot Model Sues Playboy Magazine for Causing Undue Labor Pains

A hot model who previously worked for Playboy Magazine is now suing the latter for allegedly causing her undue labor pains resulting from her delayed job payment.

According to the lawsuit filed before the Los Angeles Superior Court early this month, sexy model Sarah Stage claims that she worked for the said men’s magazine for a couple of days way back in November 2009 but the latter failed to pay her on time.

Moreover, Stage claims that she and the defendant both agreed that she would be paid $15,000.00 for her work. However, she further states that she didn’t see a dime for several weeks.

Stage also notes that she had to repeatedly call the men’s magazine just to get her payment until it finally paid her in January 2010.

Stage is seeking for damages and other legal fees related thereto since she claims that under the California Labor Law, she was entitled for a 30 days’ worth of late penalties. It means that she would likely to receive her daily rates multiplied by 30 days, giving her a total amount of $225,000.00 in late fees.

So far, no further details are yet released regarding the said lawsuit. Therefore, several Los Angeles employment lawyers are currently waiting for updates since Playboy, although best-known to contain sexually-explicit contents, had already established itself in the industry and had built its reputation as well.

Playboy is a men’s magazine featuring hot photos of women, journalism, and fiction and was founded in 1953.

Meanwhile, people should be reminded that in a case like this wherein wages are being held or delayed by an employer, there are several federal agencies that are assigned to assist and to obtain the right compensations for the aggrieved employees.

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