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Thursday, March 21, 2013

60 Coca-cola Sacramento Plant Workers to Lose Job

At least 60 employees of Coca-cola in Sacramento, California will likely to lose their job soon once the bottling plant starts executing its plan to shut down it operation.

News reports have claimed that a spokesperson from Coca-cola confirmed that its Oak Park plant will close on undetermined date. So far, the company has not yet decided whether the employees who will be affected with the closing of business will be offered with severance packages or if they will be reassigned to a different business location, the company’s spokesperson said. 

Nevertheless, although the company has assured that the affected employees will be well compensated following the closure, the entire work force was quite disappointed after the management dropped the “bomb.”

Several employees have claimed that things from the outdated plant got worse after the company acquired the Natomas plant, which has the latest facilities, about a couple of months ago.

Apparently, the newly-acquired plant can bring more money to the company than the Sacramento plant, employees said.

At present, the employees are still showing up at work knowing that they have only a few work days left at the plant. Meanwhile, the company’s managers were said to be meeting with the employees but details regarding the meetings remain undisclosed.

Incidentally, such closing of business locations and job lay offs are common when a business experiences a downfall. Business-wise, employers would do everything to save their own interest despite the fact that a great number of people would be affected with their business decisions, observed by many Los Angeles employment lawyers. In fact, a similar case also occurred only recently at Google’s Motorola Mobility Division

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