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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sharon Stone Hit with another String of Employment Cases

Less than a year after actress Sharon Stone was first hit with employment discrimination and wrongful termination lawsuit, the actress is once again facing another legal trouble for exactly the same violations.

According to recent news reports, a former domestic worker is suing the actress for wrongful termination, employment discrimination, retaliation, failure to provide accommodation and failure to engage in good faith interactive process.

In her lawsuit filed last Monday before the office of the Los Angeles Superior Court, Angelica Castillo claimed she was axed from her job as a domestic helper in Stone’s residence. According to Castillo, she injured her back in June 2012 while performing her duties. She severely injured her back while unloading groceries, claimed in her lawsuit

In September 2012, due to extreme back pain, Castillo was advised by her doctor to take a short period of complete bed rest. However, Stone refused to honor her physician’s advice and instead called her “stupid” and “crazy.” Instead of accommodating her request, she was required by Stone to work that day. In fact, despite the doctor’s advice not to lift heavy objects, she was forced to carry groceries, and move heavy items that day as a part of her house cleaning task.

On October 1, 2012, while Castillo was in severe pain while doing her job, Stone allegedly yelled at her several times for being too slow at work and even called her crazy and stupid. The helper was subsequently fired the same day.

Now, Castillo is seeking for unspecified amount of damages, litigation costs, interest and other fees associated with the lawsuit.

It could be remembered that May of last year, Stone was sued by the former nanny of her three children for the same labor law violations among other complaints.

Hopefully, such employment malpractices would not become a hobby for the Casino actress. For now, maybe not quite but soon she will come to realize that she should have at least treated her household staffs fairly since they were the ones who take care of her family and home.

Meanwhile, in a statement released by an expert Los Angeles wrongful termination lawyer regarding illegal dismissal, he claimed that Los Angeles is among the cities wherein many employers fail to respect and maintain the human and legal rights of their employees due to an existing “at-will” employment approach. However, a lawsuit may still take place provided that the termination was done unlawfully, he added.

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