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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Johnny Depp Shares His Near-death Experience on “The Lone Ranger” Movie Set

Just to add excitement for Disney’s upcoming American action western film, “The Lone Ranger,” one of its main cast members shared his near death experience while filming the movie.

Recent reports revealed how the action film star Johnny Depp detailed his near-death experience during the movie filming.

According to media sources, Depp claimed that the accident, which could have left him severely injured, occurred as he and the production team were shooting somewhere in a desert. As the story goes on, Depp said that a little bump in the desert caused the horse that he was riding on to leap to avoid the obstacles. Unfortunately, for some reason, the fake saddle that he was wearing to sit on top of the horse slipped. Subsequently, he fell left but managed to grab the mane of the horse. However, the horse continued moving, so he took the risk and voluntarily dropped himself, and landed on his back pretty hard. Fortunately for him, the horse did not stepped over him because if it did, he could have been gone by now due to head injury.

Incidentally, Depp’s death hoaxes surfaced last October. Apparently, the said news bogus began following this incident. Also, it was believed to be triggered by previous news about the death of a crew member while doing a dangerous stunt for the same movie.

Apparently, this movie which was said to be released this coming July is unintentionally making a “grand” entrance in theaters due to the previous death issues and legal predicaments that were associated with it during its making.

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