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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

CA Labor Commissioner Orders Contractor to Pay Monetary Relief for Labor Law Violations during UCLA Project

Three contractors were ordered to pay monetary relief by the California’s Labor Commission after the agency discovered that the three failed to abide with the state labor laws during three different public works projects.

A reliable media source has confirmed that three contractors were required to pay a total of more than $1.8 million for violations in public works projects at University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA), Saddleback Community College in Orange County and the Global Green Generation Charter School in Pacoima.

The source added that the labor commissioner, Julie A. Su, has issued the order after a series of investigations that revealed willful labor violation. Findings of the agency were quoted below:

•    Tile contractor B.A. Marble Granite Inc. was required to pay $539,051 in wages, $4,693 in apprenticeship training funds and $652,600 in fines for the failure to pay 55 employees the proper wage for installing tiles in bathrooms at the De Neve Residence Halls project at the UCLA campus.

•    Phoenix Floors was required to pay $275,518 in wages, $5,599 in apprenticeship training funds and $123,150 in penalties for willful labor law violations committed at the South Orange County Community College District project.

•    Johnson Business Holdings, doing business as Production Plumbing, was required to pay $183,807 in wages, $6,385 in apprenticeship training funds and $30,605 in penalties for violations involving a project at the Vaughn Next Century Learning Centers G3 Charter School in Pacoima.

Last month, the same effort was made by the labor commissioner. In fact, the Los Angeles City’s renowned Sushi hotspot has been involved in the agency’s citation. According to previous reports, Urasawa failed to pay its employees with overtime. Also, the famous sushi restaurant failed to provide proper meal and rest break. Therefore, it was required to pay a total of $67,785.00 by the agency.

Fortunately, aside from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the California workers are also being highly protected by the state’s Division of Labor Standards Enforcement or also known as labor commissioner’s office. Same with the EEOC, the labor commission likewise handles wage and hour claims, investigates discrimination and public works complaints and enforces state labor law. The agency also welcomes work-related questions or complaints, noted by a Los Angeles employment lawyer.

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