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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Diddy’s ‘Baby Mama’ Hit with Wrongful Termination by Another Nanny

For the second time around, Diddy’s baby mama, Kim Porter, has axed another nanny from her job. And now, the second fired employee is suing Porter for wrongful termination according to recent news reports.

Media sources have confirmed that the former nanny, Amanda Jansen, has filed a lawsuit before the Los Angeles Superior Court. In her lawsuit, Jansen claims that Porter hired her in 2011 to look after Diddy’s children but she quickly became an all-around maid without proper rest and meal breaks. In fact, she worked more than 100 hours a week doing all sort of chores, she claimed. 

Moreover, Jansen affirmed that during her stay as a live-in help in Porter’s house, she was never given a room with a working lock, had no furniture other than a bed and a computer desk. Therefore, she was forced to live out of her suitcase. The lawsuit further claims that when she tried to complain about her crazy schedule, she was fired.

Now, Jansen is suing Porter for wrongful termination, overtime claim and more. In addition, Diddy’s company, Bad Boy Worldwide Entertainment, was also named in the lawsuit since Jansen was allegedly paid directly by the said company. Reports claimed that the ex-help was seeking for a 6-figure amount as compensation.

On her first time being sued by a former nanny, Diddy’s baby mama denied all the allegations set against her. Now, on her second time being sued by another ex-nanny, Portner claimed that it was just a resentment of a disgruntled employee. Of course nobody would know the truth not unless the lawsuit is over. Consequently, this is something that we should wait to find out, commented by a Los Angeles wrongful termination lawyer.

As for Diddy and his baby mama, perhaps they should consider nursing the kids on their own to avoid such legal predicaments, which are not adorable for the rapper’s full blast career.

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