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Friday, October 25, 2013

Employment Discrimination against Domestic Violence Victims Now Illegal in California

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California becomes the seventh state to ban employment discrimination against domestic violence victims. This is after the state has approved a law that would make it illegal to discriminate against employees who are victims of domestic violence.

Recent reports have confirmed that California Governor Jerry Brown has signed a law that would bar employment discrimination against domestic violence victims including those who experienced stalking and sexual abuse. 

Under the new law, which will take effect on January 1, 2014, firing and discriminating against an employee based on the fact that he or she is a victim of domestic violence is unlawful. Also, the new law requires employers to provide “reasonable” safety accommodations for victims in the workplace, such as changing phone number, relocating a work station or implementing a work safety plan.

Apparently, many domestic violence victims prefer to suffer in silence due to the fear of losing their jobs.

“Domestic violence victims need to be able to speak up about what is happening so they can get the help they need to leave their abusive situation”, a supporter of the law said.

California now joins Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, New York, Oregon and Rhode Island in having protections for domestically abused employees in their labor law. Meanwhile, Illinois, New York, Hawaii and Westchester County are currently moving to pass a similar law.

In Los Angeles alone, employment discrimination against domestic violence victims remains to be one of the most common workplace issues. Thus, a discrimination attorney herein is now doing his part in spreading the news regarding the new law so that victims would be aware that they are now protected under the new legislation.

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