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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Pentagon Workers Stage Protest Ahead of Obama’s State of the Union

Image gives credit to Washington Post.
Just a few days before President Barack Obama delivers his State of the Union speech, a group of workers from the Pentagon’s food courts staged a protest in several federal buildings to voice out their concerns about their low wage and poor working conditions.

Approximately 50 workers from the Pentagon’s food court skipped their work shifts to go on strike in an aim to remind the President about the recent promise he made during his first cabinet meeting this year. In his speech, Obama pledged to use executive action to help wage earners and to combat income inequality.

Apparently, the workers hope that the Obama’s recent promise would mean a guaranteed workplace standard at companies operating in government buildings.

Organizers reportedly said that another 50 non-union workers likewise went on strike from their food service jobs in other federal buildings.

The event was organized by Good Jobs Nation, a group supported by the Change to Win union federation and other worker advocacy organizations.

“The reason all of our work over the last six strikes, and why today’s strike, matter is because next week on Tuesday, President Barack Obama is going to deliver his State of the Union speech,” Change to Win’s spokesperson, Joseph Geevarghese, said.

Issues that the workers grieve for include lack of insurance, sick pay and vacation leave, according to reports.

Meanwhile, for the workers who joined the protest but fear of retaliation, McDonald’s Pentagon restaurant assured that its employees who participated in the protest and returned to work had been welcomed back and scheduled to work their regular shifts, a report said.

Unfortunately for the other workers who engaged in the activity, some reportedly received a call from their supervisors telling them to take the rest of the week off. They aren’t sure whether that means they had been fired.

As of this writing, Pentagon is yet to give comment on the matter.

Despite the existing labor laws, retaliation is still common not only in Los Angeles but also across the nation. In fact, just a few days ago, a federal labor board slapped a giant retailer with labor violation complaint, alleging that the retailer violated the rights of the workers who participated in a nationwide protest.

Once again, an employment lawyer herein reminds everyone that workers are entitled to their rights, particularly when it comes to the existing labor laws. “Failure to honor employees’ rights may result to serious labor charges and severe penalty,” he added.

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