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Friday, January 17, 2014

Tips on How to Inspire Employees and Let Them Do a Lot More for Your Business

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While business owners are too busy thinking about ways on how they could profit more from their businesses, they tend to overlook their employees’ hard efforts for the company.

If you are a business owner, you might want to pause for a while and think of this one simple reality: If you really want to soar high, then the best way to achieve what you wish for is to get your employees inspired.

Inspired employees basically get a lot more things done for businesses as well as for customers than employees who don’t really care about their job.

Unfortunately, based on the 2013 State of the American Workplace report from Gallup Organization, only 30 percent of the employees across the nation are engaged and inspired at their job. Obviously, the rest aren’t that happy at work.

Meanwhile, behind the bad news, there is still a good one. The good news is that employees always want to be inspired.

Here are few simple ways to boost their good vibes:

Let them visualize the future

As a business owner or a senior officer, it is your duty to give the employees an inspiring vision of where the company or organization is heading. You could probably set an inspiring goal that could make them excited about doing their best at work. Let them visualize what the future would be like if they would be able to achieve their goal.

Engage them to the vision

After giving them an inspiring vision, make sure that everyone understands exactly what their roles in making that vision a reality. Make them understand the importance of their engagement to their role. Make them feel that the company needs them in order to achieve that vision.

Encourage them

Usually, the people’s fear of committing mistakes prevents them from taking any chances. If your business has this kind of employees, it can’t respond to the fast-paced market, can’t innovate and can’t move forward. Thus, it is very important for business owners and employers to know how to dismiss that traditional fear-based culture from employees. Instead of punishing or discouraging employees for their mistakes, or for taking a risks or exploring new business approach, encourage them to take chances, explore and learn.


After establishing a culture of courage to employees, it is your turn to reward courageous employees who take smart risks. Rewarding courageous employees could also prompt other employees to get engage with their jobs and take a risk. Think of the best and most effective ways to reward employees and make it a regular practice to keep them happy under your payroll.

Say “Thank You”

In any little or big thing that employees do for the company, never forget to say the magic word, “Thank You”. It feels really good when someone expresses gratitude over small things. Saying thank you indeed makes employees happy and inspired to do more.

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